Fabrication and Construction

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Skid manufacturing with cabinets:

  • Dosing Skid and Hydraulic skids
  • Control Panels (PLC, DCS, ESD, F&G, Servers, IT)
  • Electrical Switchgear – LV, MV, HV and VFD/ Soft starters, DB’s
  • Shelter / Porta Cabin for Automation and Electrical

Heavy Equipment Installation, Erection and commissioning

  • Turbine and Generators
  • Compressors
  • Support and pipe fabrication
  • High pressure hydraulic system design and execution

Cable, Trays and termination:

  • Cable Tray and Cable laying with Termination
  • HT cable and Instrumentation cable
  • Instrument and support fabrication


  • DCS, ESD (SIS), SCADA, Fire and Gas – Automation system, HVAC Control, BMS automation, Skid PLC control system.
  • Specialized engineering for Control System, HAZOP study, Alarm Management, Cyber Security and Safety Integrity Level (SIL), Logic diagram, F&G Mapping study, Functional Schematic / block diagrams.
  • Calculation and Data sheet for Field Sensors (Flow, Level, temperature, Pressure and analysers) and Valves (Control valve, Shutdown valve, Safety Valves and others).
  • IO engineering, Cable and Junction Box – termination, Cable schedule, Bill of material and loop diagram and wiring,
  • PLC panel and Cabinet wiring drawings and SCADA Screens Design.
  • Layout (Cables and Junction boxes and installation and Hook drawings.